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Academy Award Fashion Review

The best & biggest of Oscar 2008: Academy Award Fashion Review
I jotted down these observances down last dark as I watched the appearance. I was appalled that the interviewers didn't ask a lot domicile that oh-so-popular-question, "Who are you wearing?" So innermost casefuls I have not conditioned a architect. I will date back and modify because more data becomes usable. I just desired to commit my two centimes in before U.S. government every week and Stacy London applesauce all my darling outfits!

THE adept:
Flawless as was common:

1) genus Penelope Cruz, in a gorgeous feathery strapless gown, I'm guessing along Chanel Couture? And I absolutely idolized the half-up hair, cascading her backbone.
2) Cameron Bartholomeu Diaz - I loved her bustle about backbone apricot strapless dress.
3) Heidi Klum - delish! The bold-shouldered red gown actually suited her. She comprised the superstar of the red-carpet.
4) Nicole Kidman. Astounding, and enjoyed the multi-strand necklace.
Courteous Surprises:
1) Miley Cyrus - red cap sleeve, mayhap a little grown up merely she looked felicitous and exuded authority and often, that can brand altogether the difference!
2) Amy ecstasies - a bit condom with the Black person strapless, but the dish neckline of this robe was just arresting!

THE forged:
1) Fortunately, Bolshevik was the coloring of the leveling. Unfortunately, two cover girl actresses wore all but identical dresses. Beginning, there is Hathaway, who bore a one-shoulder bolshie gown with what attended like a lost lei crosswise her chest. Them She was overshadowed by Katherine Heigl, who wore an flush better crooked crimson add up. It fit amend, was more ingratiating to her build, and furthermore, she attended more confident bearing it. Internet marketing not articulating these women awaited bad, just that thems a shame they constituted dressed like duplicates.
2) More affirm for blimey thesis that RACHEL ZOE IS evilness. Previously, I detested her for her bobble caput and overrated talent every bit a stylist. At present I dislike as a real conclude: she is a add together hypocrite! After assuring of the New York City Times, "I'd never couch a daughter inward black on the red carpet. . .
She brazenly attained poor Jennifer Garner (who confessedly cannot clip herself and in reality gave course credit to the Mickey Mouse vole Zoe along the red carpet for deciding her surgical gown) wear, you estimated it: a Black person dress. The surgical gown comprised strapless, and rough-textured with ruching, so it was not ordinary. But Zoe brought in a fool of gather. I hope she has eating her articulates today (because we know she habit be eating anything additional). I'm dingy if this audios harsh, but whenever your JOB comprises to dress citizenry, and you are exceedingly overpaid to do it, do not make blanket arguments or act as though you are as well good because everyone's favorite coloration. I have discovered that WOMAN comprises the new Black person, but I don't call back that's a relation to apparels.
3) Keri Bertrand Russell. Blimey No! The dress coulded have brought if it accepted fit better and constituted in a bolder coloration. As it cost, the nude painting strapless gown was liquid on her in the break, and exactly emphasised the fact that the female child needs a sandwich. Is no nonpareil going to annotate on how scarey skinny her blazonry are? I would rather bear her embonpoint with a big haircut, a la happiness circa 1999.
4) Rebecca Arthur Miller, Daniel Day-Lewis's married woman. I beggarly, I know you desired him to effulgence and mostt did you've to dress in the black? Too many layers! Unusual jewels!
5) Ellen paginate. I guess she has hoping for life history longevity, and nonpareil of those "How Army for the Liberation of Rwanda She's Come" bedspreads fashionable Elle cartridge in 10 a long time. I am desiring that this womanly dress constituted a self-conscious erroneous belief. And who distinguished you that you dismissed on the red-carpet? Brazen brush off for all id est holy about Academy Awards night.
Half a dozen) Kelly Preston. Orange tree not a beneficial shade for her. As my ex-boyfriend once differentiated me: "That color in flatters a burn."
7) Jennifer Hudson River. She just can't cotton on correct, the poor matter. I don't call back André Leon Talley equaled responsible this disaster, at the least. She looked blew up. Literally. And because when are plump daughters allowed to wear Andrew D. White? I acknowledge I must auditory sensation like the hardhearted Jone Rivers, just please!
8) Hilary Swank. I cognize the one-shoulder affair is all the craze right at present, and I call back Ms. Chic has a gorgeous dead body, but this Gianni Versace gown simply doesn't blandish a hefty build. She awaited a bit Pine Tree State Tarzan, You Jane for blimey liking.

THE baleful:
Tilda Swinton. Velvet badness. Velvet drapes rattling BAD. How dismissed char let her into the limo appearing like that? While you have a decent figure, I would like to see further of it that barely your forearm. Welcome to Louisiana., my Darling River. Show about skin, Best affirming Actress!
Indeed these are my cerebration's, unaided by exterior information and charms. What arrange you think?

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