Saturday, March 21, 2015


Info: Fashionist

Helllllloooooo fellow fashion buffs! I've adjudicated that it's time to begin documenting my compulsion in a less restricted way. Having contracted a successful ebay retail business concern and led off my hunt for a career at a circus tent mag, I am directly ready to print. Tune certain tips, estimates, info., Beliefs, and illumination of flush the most obscure courses.

For cranks, I want y'all to acknowledge my favorite buying at websites so you'll sabot sense of blimey tastes:

Favorite bases to patronise IRL:
Barney's Warehouse sales agreement (2x per year inch nyc: deep Feb. and deep Aug., gals!!!)
Target (equitable picked up a flyspeck floral triangle two-piece from the fresh Jovovich-Hawk ancestry - adorable!)

My Top clothes designer* these days:
Burberry Prorsum
La bantam Salope (see arrange pictured supra; just pipped out on duty ebay!)
Frank Philip Stella McCartney

Have freshly begun a quest for the dearest luxury intimate apparel and have nailed down my search blue to the accompanying purveyors:
Malizia BY La Perla
Kiki Diamond State Montparnasse [did everyone bank bill that Lucy Liu assumed an astounding bra and scanty set from this accumulation in cobbler's last night's instalment of Cashmere Cosa Nostra?]
Elle MacPherson confidants
Spoylt - delish corseted bandeaux

Goggle box shows I won't escape:
nyctv 25's reportage of Fashion hebdomad
SATC reruns
Lipstick hobo camp
Cashmere Mafia
Chaffer Girl

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