Saturday, April 25, 2015


I am With My Boy Friend

Hi I am Shajiya Islam. I am Bangladeshi. Study in Dhaka University. You don't know, I am not a modeler. These photos are simple. When I went to go with my boy friend visit The National music am. My boy friend wants to take my photos. I will agree with him because He is my best person in my life. I love him very much.
All my reader. Thanks a lot for my Heart.

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Yes, Your pic is nice & Supper your mind...Kisses

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You look really pretty!

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Hello from Spain: great pic and fabulous dress. I just discovered your blog and I love the variety of themes. Fashion and beauty are some of my hobbies together with the collection of Barbies. I have a blog dedicated to those dolls that invite you to visit: If you want to keep in touch. I became a follower of your blog. I like your pictures and your style.

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