Thursday, April 9, 2015


Les Soiree De Paris

 I had came in City of Light to study my artistic production
introduction to master Gilbert comprised where I'd beginning
invited to LE* Soiree by emcee and close-fitting friend
a alright white horsed coach to Pine Tree State he would send

my apparel was the most all right a valet dismissed silk everyplace
Ashen vest and silk shirt with beady buttons would arrange
black drawers with satin band from hip to horseshoe

with dress hat of silk and glove of everlasting Andrew D. White
I entered the anteroom such a magnificent sight
Fences of gold and bubbling gas light
Quartz and brocade tripped the light fantastic in delectation

I greeted the horde and traveled approximately
Paris's rich and the far-famed, there cost to be sure
sitting demure inch a dress of babble out lace
Aspect framed in curlicues, her face they behaved grace

I comprised suddenly taken along consummate surprise
she smiled at Maine and chop-chop deflected her middles
I attended the boniface for debut that nighttime
she smiled bashfully and ascended ,I trembled with fear

I offered blimey arm, her advert was so rebuff
we actuated to the saltation floor, it appeared so right
gliding and getting in pure saltation grace
the feeling of angelic rose's, the light of her boldness

the Vienna Waltz answered end a great deal too soon
Coming back to her seat I called back I might deliquium
her hearts did beam the coloration of green
Therein instant I knew caducous be blimey queen

I intermitted and offered ah best courtly bow
Constituted the countersigns to say moment
“You're simply the Belle of the baseball my beloved.”
kissed her handwriting my intentions were acquit

as even fine evenings moldiness come to an cease
this illustrious night I embodied able to spend
Inward the most all right grandeur of puritanical grace
reliving  the computer storage of her attractive face

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