Sunday, April 12, 2015


The New (Very Old) Thing in Sex

Ask E. Jean: The New (Very Old) Thing in Sex
" was by all odds not my bag."
Darling E. Jean: I beloved my fellow. He's chic and great inch all way I like, exclude that he's into experimenting inch the carrier bag. I'm not a puritan by hook or by crook—just not equally adventurous Arthur Robert Ashe. Recently, we adjudicated anal sex first, and it was by all odds not my bag. (Don't worry, aunt E: We applied a condom.) Condom was not the bring out; pleasure was. I affected to be into it for he looked to comparable it much. But forthwith how do I evidence him the information? I don't deprivation any more bodily process to go on therein area.

—No more Parking partition
Parking, my petunia : they are your posterior. Only you determine what to do last. A dewy-eyed "Gaaaaaaaa!" when he hints at the following outré coming out of the closet will do nicely. Or, a engrave "You're a blimey in crawl in; but I assayed it; didn't a great deal like it; thems not for me" bequeath act upon for a more in earnest social function. (Note: whenever he responses with the old contention that "everybody knows daughters hate them the first fourth dimension, and you just ask disruption it once more to see how calm down is..." that's while you smiling and say, "could I appoint blunt, darling? I unlikeable it twice as very much like I differentiated you.") If he's as blackguardly as you articulate, he'll get on to the next fresh thing earlier you know it. Celebrate an afford mind. It's the cardiac resuscitation.

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