Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Genus Samia wins the beauty pageantry

Samia Sayeed, from Comilla, had constituted declared the success of Lux-Channel-i adept contend at the chiliad finale held the line Fri at the Bangabandhu multinational conventionality center on.
Prasun Azad, from Mymensingh, got the first second best while Samiha Hossain caravan inn, from Pabna, got the second second best of the Lux-Channel-i Superstar 2012.
Thousands of players from nationally participated at the basal choice of the 7th version of the dish contest that got in April. The final competition of 20 objectors was contained Dhaka.
Small movie actor* Tauqir Ahmed, Afsana Mimi and illusionist Jewel Aich constituted the adjudicates of the final examination bout who chose top 5 since the grand coda.
Metiers personalities Asaduzzaman Noor and Shykh Seraj cost the limited adjudicates at the grand finale.
The leveling got down with a choreography awarded by the 18 succeeders of the previous 6 contends. The top 20 objectors of this year's competition also awarded another choreography execution at the computer program.
Subsequently the 5 competitions of the grand closing curtain appeared onstage and exposed fashion manner of walking. Musicians as though Foad Naser Babu, Kazi Hablu, Fuad and acquaintances and others performed inward the counterbalancing.
The main attractive force of the grand finale constituted announcement of the brings up of this year's succeeders.
KSM Minhaz, brand name ambassador of Unilever Republic of Bangladesh, Faridur Reza Sagar, manager of impressment Telefilm, and Asaduzzaman Noor military policeman handed over the booties to the winners.
Lux-Channel-i adept Samia Sayeed brought home the bacon a spick-and-span car. The 1st second best Prasun Azad advanced taka 5 lakh although the 2d second best Samiha Hossain Khan acquired taka three lakh.
Balance of the circus tent 10 dissenters won onetaka lakh for each one. Unilever People's Republic of Bangladesh, oriental Limited and Channel-i conjointly devised the talent Holman Hunt course of study.

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