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Nafisa Kamal Jhumur : galleries

Nafisa Kamal Jhumur : galleries
Bangladeshi model and actress Nafisa Kamal Jhumur constitutes the top exemplar of canalize I Veet competitor of 2012. She commenced her educatee life in Uttara high school and completed intercede from Rajuk Uttara exemplar College. She acceded into the metiers after acting her accolades from IBA at the Jahangirnagar University. Nafisa constituted determined not to bilk her scholar life ascribable her participation inward the metiers. But she is not concerned disruption all classes of work inward the media. She particularly loves disruption photo bucks and posed for dissimilar magazines specified 'Ice nowadays', 'Charbela - chardik', 'Look', 'analyze', 'Look at Pine Tree State' etc. With these Bangladeshi model and actress Nafisa Kamal Jhumur accepts successfully brought with another brands like Harpic, Isaac Merrit Singer, Grameen earphone, 'Shopno life history' and Partex grouping.
Nafisa's first goggle box drama was calculated by Jewel genus Rana which was dropped a line by Humayun Ahmed. Afterward she cultivated in goggle box bangla dramas appointed 'Prapti', 'Punorabritti', in series drama '420', 'Gorom Pani Lane' and so on. Jhumur told that she fingered more obligation to body of work when people comprehended her bodies of work.

Nafisa Kamal Jhumur can puffing up and accomplish numerous rewards in babbling out contenders during her student animation. She is besides a beneficial dancer. She caused a fortunate participation inward the 'Imami bonnie and handsome' computer programme in the twelvemonth of 2013.

Bangladeshi model and actress Nafisa Kamal Jhumur wants to ascertain many matters as she is freshly in the bowl. But she has always confident to constitute booming in her works.

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