Thursday, May 7, 2015


Shakib Khan : Bangladeshi Super star( Actors)

Shakib Khan (Real appoint: Masud genus Rana) is an moving picture Actor in Bangla Desh. He has also known as B. B. King Khan and first Shakib caravansary. He is counted as the most pop Dhallywood moving picture actor of late time. Bangladesh (East Pakistani) film Actor Shakib caravansary also the most gamey earning film star in Bangla Desh.

Shakib Khan brought in his footsteps inward the movie industry through doing in the film appointed 'Anonto Valobasha' conducted by Shohanur Rahman Shohan. Shakib caravansaries original appoint is Masud genus Rana and he has arrived at unique commemorates in the movie industry with the assist of dance manager Aziz Reza who brought in Shakib because his brother.

Inward the first base phase of his life history Shakib performed equally second or third hero sandwich of a account but at present he is the most eminent paid actor inward the account of Bengali films. He just excelled every extra actors of the area fashionable regard of fame and adoption among the film managers. Shakib khans father is Abdur fleece and mother's appoint is Noorjahan. He is a sister appointed Moni. Shakib studied adequate to arbitrate. Shkib also replayed in a film adverted 'Moner Jala'. His 1st committed movie named 'Tumi amar moner manush'.


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