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Best lipstick 6 Tips pharmacy for spring

6 Best lipstick of pharmacy for spring
Products lipstick this new wonderful luxury on the cheap versions
(1) lipstick long-term complexion of beauty products: Lipstick by CoverGirl kolorlisios, $7.99
New lipstick Cover Girl kolorlisios consists of 36 shades of pink, a beautiful spring, so there always one you like. This sobirmoistorising form of lipstick and the night for hours, without a single keystroke.

(2) bright bright and opaque in the beauty of a single product: color cream noni is the classic duo lip lipstick, lip gloss, $14
This lipstick and Red lip gloss duo, available exclusively at Walgreens, allows you to add sparkle one day and go without the other. Rich gloss pigmented and - Add Url non-sticky, the tapered rod, while giving non-drying red lips beautiful washes opaque satin. Engineering Duo eliminates guesswork in choosing Sheen complements your lipstick. Reward: a butterfly gold and accented packaging is something to expect from a premium such as Givenchy brand.

(3) lipstick natural beauty product fight against aging: Lipstick from Pacifica divosin natural, $14
This lipstick long Pacifica offers everything you have come to expect from the brand: beautiful packing and natural ingredients. Very pigmented forms hydrates and fight ageing, thanks to the nourishing India coconut oil and shea butter. 100% vegan, "Pacifica divosin natural red lipstick" is also notable for what is missing - namely, without gluten and mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, and oil. A perfect pop up shade of color spring.

(4) producer of lips friendly Sylvie: Revlon ultra HD red lipstick, $7.19
Even if the photos in the mix, every woman wants a lightweight, red lipstick and long lasting, moisture-rich. If you ' your evening graming, this matte lips is drying got your background color. Move any unstable, tint or color disappears. (We love the musk, orange in the direction).

(5) long-term product liquid lipstick with moisture beauty: l ' Oréal infallible recent Lipcolor, $12.99
Liquid lipstick is more synonymous with products khaki and flaky and dry. This fluid is fully opaque color and gives a bonus of color like no other. A flexible, tapered Rod makes precise go a breeze and Balsam on the end for hours color. View our lips wet and bright and true to the color through meals, hours of work, without alterations.

(6) pure color with cosmetic luster: Sonia desert stand pure lip gloss color sunset of luxury, $11.99
Stand Sonia collection ' desert sun ' new goal includes many great launches, but the color pure lip outweighs them all. " Polished shiny glossy book is remarkable. Chic packaging is reminiscent of the brand Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury. A formula cream anti aging, which feels like a luxurious balm contains amino acids that lubricate the prevention for the lips and wrinkles.

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Orange color lipstick is trendy now.

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Great lipsticks :)

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I prefer nude color lipstick though..

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